Beer frisbee games for adults

A day of fun in sunlight may be refreshing to get many adults particularly with this particular generation of a frantic lifestyle. Adults tend to be filled with studies and work which there’s hardly time to get a small recreational. Such lifestyle may lead to preventable lifestyle diseases. Enjoying activity or an outdoor game with friends and family can do wonders for your own well-being.

Among the preferred outdoor game of which adults loves is Beerbees. Beerbees is a drinking game for adults. Beerbees is known as Polish Frisbee or Polish Horseshoes. But the games become more exciting and fun when drinking is involved in almost any game although drinking beer is not mandatory to drink beer while playing with this game. This outdoor game is adored by people who drink. Beer was not included in the game; however, the game’s modern variant comprises beer bottles.

The game is easy to understand yet requires a little skill to win. The match demands Frisbee, two poles, empty beer bottles and beers to drink. Each group is comprised of 2 players. To win this game, you must knock the beer bottle placed with the Frisbee on the pole of the opponent down. It strikes the ground and if you knock down the beer bottle, you score points. As an opponent team, you have to try to either stop the beer bottle or catch the Frisbee. The beer frisbee game also needs the players toss or grab Frisbee together with the hand and to hold a bottle of beer. By dropping your beer, points will be awarded into the group.

A game of Frisbee is entertaining and full of delight. Many adults could be seen playing this game in parks or open lawns during the summer or on the shore.

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